Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science 2014

Efforts have been invested in in the observation, characterization and forecasting of ocean-atmosphere interactions and their impacts in climate and human activities. This is due to the fact that physical and biochemical interactions between oceans and atmosphere involve several key processes governing the Earth system dynamics and its climate.

In this context, the 'Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science 2014' conference was held at the European Space Research Institute (ESA/ESRIN), Italy, on 28th-31st October 2014. It brought together scientific institutions and space agencies involved in the field, and facilitated the communications and scientific exchanges among different communities in order to enhance the coordination of specific scientific efforts.

ASRC took part to the event, presenting a poster that offered an insight of the company's efforts in ocean related issues, developed within the ESPOSS project. This gave a chance to ASRC scientists to develop new contacts and to set bases for new initiatives addressing key aspects of Earth Observation.

Details on the event:

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