Cooperation with GeoEcoMar

Our team aims to offer ESPOSS users the best services; therefore we are continuously looking for ways to improve. Having that in mind, a cooperation agreement has been concluded with the National Institute for Research and Development of Marine Geology and Geoecology (GeoEcoMar) regarding the MAREAS portaland the EUXINUS network.

MAREAS portal (Black Sea Joint Regional Research Centre for Mitigation and Adaptation to the Global Changes Impact), developed by GeoEcoMar, represents a mean to share resources and competences for protection and preservation of the Black Sea environment. Information within the ESPOSS portal are included in MAREAS, through a demonstrative link that is accessible to the users.

EUXINUS network – the western Black Sea regional early warning system to marine geohazards, supported by GeoEcoMar – aims contributing to hazard monitoring in Black Sea. The network comprises 5 complex, fully automatic marine stations (buoys) with automatic equipment for measuring the characteristics and the dynamics of water masses located close the Romanian and Bulgarian shore.

Information within the ESPOSS portal will be used within EUXINUS in order to correlate the satellite measurements with direct ones made by the network.

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